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Stoki AU in which Loki never attacked Earth.

The Avengers are sent to Asgard to help defeat a common enemy. Steve gets lost during the battle. He finds a room. In it, he finds a single prison cell

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The sex-themed Magic Anon list (All NSFW!)

Sex Pollen: That tickle in the muse's nose? It's not hayfever, it's a pervy plant, and for the next (Anon decides) the muse is going to want to shag everything that moves. Especially if it moves in front of them.
Marathon: For reasons best left up to the cosmos, the muse has the uncontrollable urge to indulge in some 'me time' every half hour no matter where they are or what they're doing for (anon decides). (Try not to get arrested!)
Sensitivity: All of the muse is their new erogenous zone, and clothing does not. help this. for the next (anon decides)
A sudden um...: For the next (anon decides) muse will suffer an impromptu orgasm every time (anon decides-breathing does not count) happens. It may be multiple things and it may utilize any sense, including time (IE every half hour)
The urge: Whether or not they were aware of it before, the muse now has a mating season and it's open. For the next (anon decides) the muse will be driven crazy with the need to go forth and make babies or shag themselves exhausted trying.
A gift: Muse is tied up in a chair or a compromising position with a list of instructions detailing others to do (anon decides) sexual act(s) to them. Anyone who comes across them will be compelled to act out these instructions for (anon decides)
Irresistible: There's just something about the muse today, and for (anon decides)...but no one they come across will be able to control themselves. No matter who they are or how they feel, they'll be compelled to try to get some personal time with the muse. And it's not for an interview.
It's not the Midas touch: If the muse touches someone for the next (anon decides) that person will have a sudden (terribly timed) orgasm. Oops?
Owned: Either the muse owns another, or is owned by someone else for (anon decides) but they'll both be compelled to take certain sexy advantage of that for as long as it lasts.
Absolute Obedience: Anything anyone asks the muse must do for (anon decides) but one catch - it must be sexual in nature. Oh...wait, no there's two catches. Every time they issue a command they lose more control of themselves and can't help asking more next time. Absolute power corrupts.
Four minutes: The world will end immediately if the muse doesn't shag whoever they see for the next (anon decides). And that would just be terrible, wouldn't it?
Impaired judgment: Booze, drugs, sex, they all blend together. The muse has had a bit too much of something and thinks everyone around them is prime sex estate for the next (anon decides). They're not compelled to or any good at picking people up, they just think everyone's really hot, you guys.
Sleeping Beauty: There's only one way to wake the muse from their slumber (other than waiting for anon decides) and it's not a kiss.
Frustration: The muse has a desperate need for relief for (anon decides) but no matter what they do it just won't come without a little help from a friend. A person friend, not a plastic friend.
Candid Camera: The muse and someone else have been trapped in a room with cameras an ordered to perform..FOR SCIENCE. Anon could decide who, or it could be anyone who encounters them for (anon decides).
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send me a # if you are crushing on the mun

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"Welcome back, Buck"

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((Okay, that’s it for the night. I am already tired as hell even though it’s just 11pm. Let’s hope that it’ll be better soon that I am not that stressed out like in the past days.
Gonna see you tomorrow then :3 Love you guys ♥))

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Don’t be so stubborn [closed]



"Tony…" Steve muttered and turned his head to look at the other. His cheeks were slightly coloured at the other man’s words. "You know… a lot of people have called me stuff like that. I am… you must be joking." He shook his head and grabbed two glasses for them.

"Oh no. You have a nice ass…." He said smirking and then going to sit down on the couch. he smiled at Steve once more. "And you’re super sexy… I’m a lucky man."

"Tony…." There was some whiny tone in his voice and he blushed even more, still not used to compliments like that, still having that skinny self in his mind. "You… you shouldn’t say something like that." Steve muttered as he got back to the couch as well with the two glasses in his hands.

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I don’t want to [closed]



Steven listened to her and nodded in agreement. It really seemed they were more alike than he had thought. “Well, same here. My father thought it would be a nice thing to have a connection to the royal family. No offense. But I think it could have been any of your friends as well. He just decided to ask your father first and he agreed.” A sigh fell from Steven’s lips and he turned to lean against the railing, looking back at the lighted windows where he could see people celebrating their engagement.

"Do you mind if I… ask you something? Is there… is there anybody you were interested in? A person you really love? Not just me, the one who is decided as your future husband?" He asked quietly, his eyes still fixed on the people behind the glass. 

She looked over to him and chuckled, nodding. Sounds like what her father would do.  The day he announced her engagement, the man came home saying he’s found the perfect suitor. She knew he meant man to help earn the majesties’ favor. “I can sympathize. My father does what he thinks is best, if not for me,” she chuckled softly talking to him. He seemed to be more of an independent thinker than he seemed. She relaxed more, not bothering to keep up with the formal airs. This may be the first conversation spent with someone where she didn’t have to pretend to someone else. “Honestly, I don’t enjoy these parties. I can think of plenty of other tasks I can be doing.” Looking back to the crowd, she made a face of resentment. 

All of the people she knew were inside but none she particularly cared for let alone love. “No. Actually, I don’t spend enough time with anyone to fall in love. Only my friend but even then, I don’t spend time with him.” She looked to the man and faced the crowd again. “What about you? If not engaged to me, is there someone whom you’d rather be with?”

Steven shook his head at her question. “To be honest… yes, there had been someone. A childhood friend. But she died early and… well… I had thought that it would be her I would marry one day. But then… yeah, we had no chance. But since then, there had been nobody.” He shook his head again and turned to look at her, following her eyes to look at all the strangers inside the ball room. “What do you think…” He glanced over to her.

"I mean… that’s our party after all. What do you… we could leave. Spend time together somewhere else. To get to know each other. I mean… we’re gonna spend the rest of our lives together. I think we have the right to know the person we’re spending it with, haven’t we?" Steven asked and tilted his head slightly. "I even don’t know your name. Or better… how I should call you? I can’t call my wife ‘Lady Roberta’, can I?" He chuckled slightly and a little smile showed up on his face.

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Send ‘Alpha’ for a starter where mine is the alpha.

"Tasha, I am home." Steve called for her as he entered the living-area. They were still at the tower, even after they had bonded. But it made things a lot easier and the other teammembers accepted it that they were a couple now.

"Tasha, where…" Steve stopped and wrinkled his nose. Something was wrong. Something was different than usual. "Natasha?" He could smell her but it was not like when she was in heat. It was… "Natasha, where are you?" Steve called her and looked around.

Steve blinked in confusion. “So… you are really sick? Are you? I mean… gosh, no… don’t tell me that they did something to you. That you have to suffer from any disease that will kill you slowly.” His eyes went wide with every sentence. “Please… tell me. What’s wrong with you?” He squeezed her hand again.

"Oh…darling. Stop worrying. It’s nothing like that at all. I’m pregnant, Steve." She gave him a bit of a watery smile. "But, because of what happened to me….what they did to me….It’s going to be a long pregnancy.” She blinked back the tears that she had been attempting to hold back since she had heard the news. She was scared but, didn’t want anyone to know it. Especially not the man that she had been mated to. 

"I really hope that you’re okay and… wait… what?" His eyes went wide and he stared at Natasha, sitting down right next to her. "You are… p-pregnant?" The surprise in his voice was audible and he blinked for a second. Now it made sense that her smell was different. He should have known it right from the start. "You are… does that… that mean we’re… we’re expecting a baby?" He asked although the question was unnecessary. "I… wow… really?" The look on his face turned into something more happy and Steve raised his arms to put them around Natasha to hug her. "That’s great. I mean… that’s wonderful and amazing. We’re starting a family."

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"The cold never bothered me anyway."




Send Me One To See How My Muse Will React (Frozen Edition)

Steve raised an eyebrow and tilted his head slightly, still holding the coat in front of his body hoping that Natasha would finally take it. “Tasha… it’s just 14°F… Take the coat. Please. Or you will catch a cold.”

"Yeah, usually…" Steve chuckled again and raised his eyebrow but decided not to comment on anything else than that. "So… let’s just have a look if we’re able to do some ice skating tonight. And then… hot chocolate afterwards." He leant down and kissed Natasha’s cold cheek.

She smiled at the gesture, loving him more than words could say. Though, she was afraid to fully admit it (even to herself), she wanted to make a life with the man beside her. Maybe even (eventually) a family. But, she couldn’t tell him. At least, not yet. 

"I assume you’re on that with me." Steve stated and took her hand again, squeezed it for a moment before he put both his hands into his pocket to keep it warm. "We should start to move. Otherwise I’m gonna freeze to death. Again. And somehow I don’t like that thought. Even though it would be nice if we could be there together." He grinned sheepishly.

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In a totalitarian society where love is illegal, our characters have fallen head first into it with one another. Send “1984” for my character’s last thoughts and words to yours as the police break down the door to take them away for rehabilitation by torture.

Steve had known it. They had no chance. He could hear the policemen running up the stairs, the door would break every second. “Natasha.” He turned around, holding her face in his hands and looking down at her. “Never forget… I love you. And there is no way they can separate us. I will never forget you and I will come back to you.”

"Please…" Steve chewed on his lip, letting her hand go because he had felt that she was surprised and insecure and kind of scared because of his touch. As if it would hurt her (and probably it did even though it was not physically). "I am… sorry. I just… say something. I mean… how do you… how should this… what are we’re gonna do now?" He looked at her eyes, insecurity and fear written all over his face.

The moment that he let go of her hand, Natasha realized that that wasn’t what she wanted at all. Which, had her biting her lip and looking down at his hand. “You have no reason to be sorry,” she started softly, still looking at his hand. “But, I don’t know what to do now. I don’t know what you want to do….What I mean to you….What you want me to mean to you.” She looked back up at him then, still chewing on her bottom lip with her nerves. 

Steve had put his hands back into his lap, getting some distance between them. He looked down and stayed quiet for a moment before he started to talk again. “Well… I have no clue how we should continue this. I mean… I can’t pretend that I have no idea about us after you have told me. And there’s something inside that tells me that this is the truth. But… they also have changed me, influenced me, made me think again that this was and is wrong. So… maybe… I think I need… I need some time to… to get used to this. I just… There’s just one thing I know. That I don’t wanna loose you. I don’t want you to leave right now. That you’ll disappear from my life. No matter what.”

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